Over the weekend, Terra was targeted by hackers who carried out phishing attacks against users of the platform. The Layer-1 blockchain has thus chosen to temporarily block access to its site in order to protect its users.

The Terra site is now inaccessible

The Terra website has been the subject of phishing attempts. Following this, the Layer 1 blockchain quickly took action and blocked access to its site. On August 19, the platform issued a first warning and a second the next day. The terra domains. money has been frozen until Terra fixes the problem.

In a tweet on X (formerly Twitter) on August 21, the platform confirmed to its users that access to the site is blocked until the foundation issues an official notice and confirms that the site is safe. The team is reportedly working around the clock to fix the issue, but according to Terra’s spokesperson, some third parties are taking longer to respond to requests.

Reinforcement of the security of the multi-chain wallet

The August 21 announcement also mentions security updates for its multi-chain wallet, Station Wallet. Recall that this wallet allows users to access decentralized applications (DeFi) on various platforms such as Terra, Kujira, and Juno.

As part of strengthening the security of its users, Station Wallet has notably asked its users to avoid the use of desktop and mobile applications. This is until the wallet releases an announcement regarding the update. However, users can continue to access the wallet through updated browser extensions and apps.

A flaw in Terra’s security?

The phishing attacks come nearly a year after the old version of the Terra ecosystem collapsed. At the time, more than $40 billion disappeared from the crypto ecosystem and this led to the fall of UST, Terra’s algorithmic stablecoin.

Following this new incident, several users on social networks and on Reddit, however, pointed to the lack of security of the platform. Some claim that the terra. money deserves to be hacked while others trick users into abandoning the Terra ecosystem. The LUNA token, meanwhile, has fallen 22% in the past seven days.

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