Imperial College London has just announced a collaboration with FluidAI, the AI ​​startup. This new partnership will focus on finding solutions to major problems in the crypto industry such as liquidity aggregation among others.

Shocking collaboration between Imperial College London and FluidAI

Imperial College London and artificial intelligence startup FluidAI are working on designing solutions to solve problems in the cryptocurrency market. The university’s AI Lab IX is particularly focused on emerging technologies to improve the crypto space in general.

If they manage to find an efficient solution to liquidity aggregation in the crypto space then it will be a boon for both crypto platforms, institutions, and retail investors.

An efficient solution to market aggregation problems

For Ahmed Ismail, CEO of FluidAI, solving liquidity problems in the crypto industry would be beneficial on so many levels. He adds that traditional financial solutions use low-latency technology to address market aggregation issues. Thus, it becomes easy to provide the best prices. In the crypto-currency sector, on the other hand, as everything is decentralized, we do not have this kind of tool.

FluidAI and Imperial College London are working together to find a solution to eliminate latency through prediction. The use of AI is essential for this purpose and will provide the best price offers on the market. This applies to cryptocurrency exchanges as well as trading platforms and liquidity providers.

The UK is also getting into the race for AI

This partnership coincides with the government’s announcement to inject $130 million in AI chips as part of the establishment of an AI resource. While the UK is only now getting into the industry, many countries are already working to find resources to develop AI. For the UK, the first step is to integrate AI-powered tools into its local industries.

Last June, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak notably declared that several big names in the sector had agreed to lend a hand. We find in particular Google, OpenAI as well and Anthropic in the list of companies ready to provide early access to their AI models in the United Kingdom.

According to a recent report, 20% of companies do not have access to sufficient computing power to power AI. It is also to improve things that Imperial College London has chosen to partner with FluidAI. Recall that Imperial College London is one of the highest-ranked universities in the United Kingdom. It also houses the Center for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering dedicated to research and application activities relating to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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