Aydin Kilic, the CEO of Hive Digital recently said that the blockchain sector and the artificial intelligence sector are two complementary universes. A statement that is not surprising when you know that the latter changed the name of his company Hive Blockchain to “ Hive Digital Technologies ”.

The move is part of a larger pivotal movement by crypto companies towards AI. With the formal decline of the market, companies are looking to change the way they work. For Hive Digital, this change means acquiring a whole new kind of hardware.

Hive Digital forced to adapt to market changes

Even if the two sectors have embarked on fierce competition, they can completely complement each other according to Aydin Kilic. In reality, it looks more like a necessity when looking at how the cryptocurrency market has evolved over the past year.

Thus, we observe business reconversions with Riot Blockchain, which renamed itself Riot Platforms, or Applied Digital, which announced A $460 million contract to host AI cloud computing in its data center.

Despite their name change, Aydin Kilic and Chairman Franck Holmes want to reassure their audience. Hive Digital will remain a crypto business but with a new twist. AI and blockchain will become two symbiotic elements for the development of Web3.

Here is what Kilic said:

Blockchain and AI can certainly coexist: they are both pillars of Web3 – AI allows Web3 to be more adaptive. In Web2, you have all that metadata, but you lose your privacy, because all the big internet companies are secretly harvesting all that data for their benefit – With blockchain, you get all that privacy and can own your own data. But without this metadata, how will you have an organized web experience? This is where AI comes in to make it more adaptive and intuitive. Everything works together.

Aydin Kilic made the most expensive choice for his business

The latter also points out that his company has one of the best hash rates in the sector and intends to increase it by the end of next December.

To achieve this, he opted for the most expensive solution and chose chips that allow double processing (dual ). Thus, the firm can operate the mining of cryptocurrencies and also offer high-performance computing.

In total, he can boast an impressive fleet of 38,000 Nvidia GPUs which he uses for the day-to-day operations of his business. He states that currently 500 of them are allocated to AI computing or HPC computing.

The remaining 37,500 perform the same mining operations that Aydin used to do. He also states that he uses the power of GPU hashing to mine the most profitable cryptocurrencies every day. To continue to learn about crypto news, we advise you to visit our coinandforex so you don’t miss anything!

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